Stadio della Roma: Berdini presents his resignations, Mayor Raggi refuses

Paolo Berdini, Rome’s councillor for city planning, has been in the eye of the storm since this morning. In an interview to La Stampa, Berdini harshly criticized Rome mayor Virginia Raggi, causing a political turmoil in Raggi’s political party, Movimento Cinque Stelle (MS5). Despite initially saying that the interview was manipulated, Berdini met Raggi a few hours ago and confirmed that those were his words, and offered his resignation as reported by AGI. However, Raggi refused to accept it and said Berdini was “sorry for what he said”.

Mr. Berdini is one of the principal opposers of the Stadio della Roma project, and has been adamant in stating that the project cannot be started without a major revision.