Garcia’s pre-Genoa press conference

Rudi Garcia spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s match against Genoa:

What type of match will it be from an ambience point of view?
We have to make sure to show our desire. The goal is to win this game but we know that there are no easy matches in Serie A. They are struggling like us, but we have no other goal than to take the three points. Winning is the only option we have.

Will it be your last match?
I’m not thinking about that. I have more battles to worry about and win. We failed in the Coppa Italia and this is the black point of the season. For now, we will all give everything that’s left tomorrow. We need character.

Do you feel the trust of the club? How did you arrive to this dark point?
Because we haven’t won since November 8. Everything was fine until the Derby. It has not even been a month and everything has changed. The worst thing is this elimination against a team from Serie B. The only thing that interests me is the fact we are only three points off second place. The title race is still all to play for. We’re only halfway there. We are, however, angry about the TIM Cup.

Is the club close to you?
I with the president and with Baldissoni and Walter every day. There is nothing in particular. In football, winning is always enough, nothing else matters.

What other solutions are there?
There are things to change, I’m not stupid. Maybe the pace of training, we’ll see. We have a very young defense and some of them have to grow up and gain experience. We are in December and I hope that this is something the team understands.

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