Delusional Garcia: “This match should serve as a lesson to the players.”

Rudi Garcia to Roma TV after his team crashed out of the Coppa Italia:

“In the first half, we missed a bit of everything. Some players have lost confidence, we didn’t beat a man once during the game or take any risks. This match should serve as a lesson to the players to understand that when you play with doubts you are not going anywhere. We need enthusiasm and confidence. Sunday’s match is crucial, we need to win. Now I’m going to think about the match with Genoa. The second half? It was better than the first but it’s not normal that we didn’t score and had to go to penalties.”

The Frenchman continued, “I will speak to the players, but the truth is we have no alibis tonight. Against Napoli we showed grit and were aware that we could play at the same level as Napoli, but tonight, I don’t know if we haven’t all understood that this club is important and we have to beat a Serie B side at home. Resign? I will not quit. I will stay on and fight to the death.”

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