Zanzi on Madrid draw: “We respect everyone, but fear none.”

SportMediaset: Roma CEO Italo Zanzi spoke after the Giallorossi drew Real Madrid in the Champions League Round of 16, here are his words.

Roma have escaped Bayern Munich.
At this level and at this point in the competition, any opponent is difficult to deal with. It will be quite a challenge against Real, but we respect everyone and fear none. We’ll keep the same confidence that we have in the league in the Champions League.

You will face Real Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo.
We will be ready for him and Real Madrid.

How do you rate the last two performances of Szczesny? He was decisive yesterday at the San Paolo.
He is great, he was tough and was calm in a difficult environment. He keeps his head, he is very athletic and is reactive to make a second save after making a first. He covered the space of Hamsik very well.

In the first leg at the Stadio Olimpico, are you confident there will be an agreement with the fans?
It’s not about having a deal, but more-so circumstances that should be given back to the stadium. We need their help and it would be great to have a full Olimpico.

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