Pallotta, Gabrielli trades barbs

Roma president James Pallotta and Rome prefect Franco Gabriell, who many claim is responsible for the barrier in the Curva Sud, have traded barbs today thru the media after it was reported Roma would be meeting Gabrielli to discuss a possible resolution regarding the barrier for the Curva Sud.

Gabrielli spoke today (via ANSA) regarding a potential meeting with Pallota & Co. and stated, “I’m at Palazzo Valentini and am easily found any time of the day or night, perhaps there has been a lack of communication because I don’t deny anyone and, I’m joking as I say this, I even welcome dogs and pigs.”

Having heard the prefect’s word, Pallotta seemed to take offense to Gabrielli responding, “I just read Gabrielli’s statements, am I supposed to be a dog or a pig? I should probably bark if I’m a dog or grunt if I’m a pig (laughs).”

Within the last few minutes, Gabrielli has responded to Pallotta’s words by saying, “I’m sorry that Pallotta has been misled by his guys, because what I said is what we call ‘hyperbole’ in Italian. This isn’t about dogs or pigs but to highlight the large availability of the prefect of Rome to meet with anybody.”

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