Pallotta explodes: “It’s frustrating to hear the whistles.”

Roma president James Pallotta to Rete Sport after the match.”

“I think the guys came out in the second half and showed a lot of emotion, we’re going into the round of 16. What I would really like to say is that I wish on a daily basis that some of you would leave these guys alone. They’re a good group of guys, they are a good group of young men and it’s getting tiring that on a day to day basis the stuff that some continue to make up and keep beating on these guys. It’s frustrating that when you come in here and they’re getting whistled for when they pass it back to the goalkeeper, or something like that because of the stuff that’s being written or talked about on the radios.”

“At some point, some of you guys (the media) have to stop and start treating them with the respect they deserve. You know, they’re in the round of 16, they work hard, they all give a shit about it and so do all of us, but at some point you have to stop beating them up.”

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