Blog: With choices in attack increasing, Totti still reigns supreme

Okay. I messed up. I’ll admit it.

After calling for Roma to buy a new striker for months and months because I thought Totti was absolutely finished as a footballer, I now appear to be eating my words.

Whether or not you consider this a good thing that Roma are over-reliant on a 38 year old is a completely separate argument (it could be argued either way, because let’s face it: at some point Roma will have to address the elephant in the room when it comes to weaning a new player into the lineup as Totti’s “replacement”). I’ve been arguably his biggest critic over the last few years simply because I thought he was hindering Roma by continuing on. I wanted to trade-in my used ’87 Firebird for a brand new Charger.


Last night in Rotterdam, however, showed why that those of us who have been calling and pleading for Rudi Garcia to start the likes of Seydou Doumbia and ex-striker Mattia Destro (I’ll raise my hand and admit my guilt on this) have been too quick to write-off one of, if not the greatest, Italian players ever.

In a must-win match to keep their European ambitions alive, Totti put on a showcase of his still-as-good-as-ever immaculate touch and passing ability against the Dutch. When Feyenoord attempted to press Roma into mistakes, Totti didn’t seem the slightest bit fazed – he was able to move the ball flawlessly and relieve the pressure. It’s little things like that which seemingly go unnoticed match after match – perhaps we as fans even take it for granted.