Maicon appears on Roma TV ahead of the Derby

Roma fullback Maicon made an appearance on Roma TV this evening:

How are you handling this week?
We are working well, we know how much it (the Derby) means. It’s important for us, so we’re preparing well.

The victory in Udine…
We know how hard it is to win on a difficult pitch like the one in Udine, but we did our job, now we hope to have a special match on Sunday.

Did you watch Juve-Inter?
I saw twenty minutes of it but then I went to sleep because I was tired and had to get up early the next day. It was a great game, as Juve-Inter always is.

Differences between the current Roma and last year’s?
There is more quality in the squad, which has grown. Also, our game has grown. The motivation and will has alwasy been the same: we’re constantly working for Roma.

And the differences between Juventus of last season and the current one?
There are many differences, but I think this year they’ve gotten it wrong in matches that they weren’t wrong in last year: this can be an important point in our favor.

A message to the Roma fans?
The fans have to fill the stadium and give us a big hand, because when they are on our side the team does more. From our point of view, there is the desire to win a special match like this. We will be on the field to give our best, we also hope that the fans can give their best.

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