Milan’s Menez recalls Roma tenure

Former Roma and current Milan forward Jeremy Menez spoke to Il Corriere dello Sport today about his time at Roma:

There are rumors of Ibra to Roma…
Rome is a beautiful city. If he were to go there, it would be a great thing for Romanisti.

Totti and Ibra: two very strong players and two great leaders…
…but they are also two very good people, everyone would surely agree.

This Menez at Roma would have been great!
Everyone has his career. When I was in Rome I left for Paris to play and to restart. It was the right choice.

So after a couple of years, Menez seems to lose motivation when it comes to being in the same team…
I disagree. When I got to Rome I was twenty and it was different. I always played at PSG, then a manager that no longer believed in me came (Laurent Blanc). But I want to always be a protagonist until the end, until my very last game.

Menez and Roma: is it still a special relationship?
Last December 20 was the first time I’ve been back in Rome since I left in the summer of 2011. I did it with pleasure. I must admit: it did have a certain effect (on me).

You hugged two friends Totti and De Rossi…
It is true. With them, I have always had a wonderful relationship. Football is good because of this, because it gives you a chance to find again certain ex-teammates.

The new Menez: a little bit of Totti for the creativity and imagination and a little Inzaghi in the penalty area and a true “killer” for the goal…
I know Totti well. For me, he’s an example and a great player the likes of which I have rarely seen in my career. I also draw inspiration from Inzaghi for my development.

Garcia and Rome: a model pair?
Rudi is a very good person. He is very close to the team and the players. He built his career from the ground up, starting from Ligue 2 and has always done well.

But in Rome, you have to become a strong player to settle better…
But this is also nice. When one does well, he immediately becomes Romanista! However, we can all see that Garcia is at ease: in 2-3 months he began to speak Italian very well.

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