Inzaghi: Roma will have to play well to beat us

Milan manager Filippo Inzaghi held a press conference ahead of Saturday’s match against Roma:

“The match against Roma? It’s a match that every player wants to play in. We know that on paper it’s a tough match but a side like Milan that aims high has to go there and play an open game. We have to play the perfect match. We’re Milan and we’re not afraid of anyone. We’re ready and I’ve noted that the players are very motivated, they cannot wait to play a match like this. I am calm and I think we will have a great match. If they end up being better than us, we will accept that, but they will also have to play very well to beat us. We will have to press them high up.”

“Menez? I don’t know on what terms he left Roma and how they will welcome him. Menez has enough experience that he doesn’t need my advice. He’s mature and he can have a great match. He thanks me, but he has to thank himself for the attitude that he has, I hope that he continues to grow until he becomes a leader of this club. The difference is made by the willingness of a player towards the coach. I tried to understand with Menez the role in which he would perform best and in training I realised that as a centre forward he plays very well, but I do this with every player, trying to understand in what role or position that they perform best. I choose the formation based around the players.”

“Me? I am always very calm because I see how the players train, even after the match against Genoa I remained calm, angry because we didn’t deserve to lose, but we were on the right path. We have very little to lose against Roma, it would be important to obtain a positive result for our future. I look at the performance, and I hope that after a great match against Napoli, the team repeats that type display. It won’t be easy but we’ve prepared for it well, the squad is focused. I am satisfied with the desire and the attitude. It’s good to note that there is a nice harmony from the words of the players. After the winter break we will have a complete squad and I am sure that with a full squad we can achieve great things. I am satisfied, but it would be very important to get a result in Rome.”

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