Baldissoni hits out at sporting judge Tosel

Roma general manager Mauro Baldissoni took to Roma Radio to lash out at sporting judge Gianpaolo Tosel after the two match ban of Rudi Garcia:

“I’m surprised by the sporting judge (Tosel), but it’s not the first time he has failed to amaze us. Garcia was disqualified for a phrase of a steward. I must say that we’re also a bit tired of ‘jurisprudence’, so to speak. It seems that with Roma, more and more wants to be brought beyond the scope of authority of sporting justices. We should look at the card but it looks like he’s suspended on the basis of a statement spontaneously taken by a steward of Genoa’s without the alleged acts being seen by match officials or federal prosecutors. Am I outraged? It’s an unpleasant feeling that we’ve already denounced last year: we have chosen a way of continuous and positive cooperation (with the FIGC) because we are convinced that this is the best thing. But it will be necessary to defend ourselves with a sword.”

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