Pannes: “Everyone will be involved with the new stadium”

Earlier today the CEO of Stadio della Roma Mark Pannes spoke to AS Roma’s official radio station Roma Radio about a range of topics:

“The new developments with the stadium? I think the situation is very positive for the stadium, I think that the reasons behind the delays have been eliminated and we cannot wait to give our fans some of the news over the next seven days.Tomorrow we will begin some new discussions and we will continue with them until Tuesday. It’s amazing that this process is open to the public, if you are a fan of Roma you can come tomorrow to Campidoglio and show support. We know we can count on our fan base to express their support in a polite manner, and this would be very important for us at the club and for the city.””

“Worries about the stadium? It is obvious that when you rely on a highly professional team, with experts who have proven reputations, and when you have followed a flawless process for choosing the stadium site then you can achieve what we want to achieve which is having the best stadium in the world. These types of processes run into problems and delays, it’s inevitable, but with a good chef and good ingredients you will have a good meal, it might be late but the result is guaranteed.”

“It is clear that when we talk of the home advantage in a match, the new stadium will be fantastic. It is our goal and so many people are working hard and they’re doing it in perfect harmony. It is a process that will also involve the technical staff, as they can give advice on how to design the locker room and sports center. All will be involved. Tonight’s game will see us have home ground advantage, but in our own stadium it would be even better. Our hope is to soon be able to play these kinds of games in our new stadium.”