Pallotta appears on Radio Radio

Roma president James Pallotta appeared on Radio Radio after meeting with the mayor of Rome to discuss further details regarding the Stadio della Roma.

The market in January?
I think we have a good team, I don’t see any reasons for us to make moves. Let’s see what happens tonight. It’s nice to get Strootman back, Castan’s situation is a pity but things are going well, I will see him today and tomorrow. I am happy his problem has been solves. We’ve had many injures like Maicon’s and Astori’s. I don’t think there are reasons to shop. De Sanctis? These things happen, Sassuolo played a great game. I have a lot of confidence in him – so much so that we renewed his contract. I hope he has has a great game.

A prediction for the game tonight?
It will end 3-1 to Roma. It will be fun. The scorers? I don’t care! Totti, Totti, Totti would be fun.

The stadium…
All citizens of Rome should be happy with what the mayor (Ignazio Marino) is doing. Hopefully in 2017, Roma will have their own spectacular stadium. I do not think there will be any slow-downs, in fact, I think the process will speed up, the people who were slowing things down are gone. The Council will vote and the process will continue safely. Mafia Capitale? I think you’re out of your mind if you think the Italians are the world leaders in corruption.

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