Garcia and Gervinho speak ahead of “final” with City

Roma manager Rudi Garcia and forward Gervinho held a press conference before tomorrow’s match with Manchester City:

Is this game like a final?
Gervinho: “Yes, but we’re preparing as normal, it’s a special match but at the same time it’s like the others. We want to move-on for the people, for the club, and for ourselves.”

Do you believe this to be the most important match since you’ve come to Roma?
Garcia: “As I always say, every match is important. For us, as Gervinho said, it’s a final. As I said before the game against CKSA Moscow, to succeed we have to play. We’ll aim to exploit (them).”

Seeing that you spent time in English, is tomorrow’s match revenge against the Premier League?
Gervinho: “Even though I played with Arsenal, this match is emotional on its own. Our goal is to go ahead in the competition.”

What will the balance for you be like in this match?
Garcia: “I have no choice, because if I did I would put 11 defenders out there (laughs). We are masters of our destiny just by winning. We do not know what the result will be in the match between Moscow and Bayern. I don’t see anything else other than attacking and scoring more goals than City.”

Given the changeability of the extra match, do you have doubts of playing De Rossi tomorrow?
Garcia: “Even before the Inter match I came out and said the things off the field don’t concern me. I am the coach Daniele the player and man. These things for me don’t have even 1% importance. I have to stand behind my players to make them feel good mentally. What I do should be done by all everyone who loves football and talking about football. Daniel is fine. We will not have him against Genoa, but he is a great champion who has worn the Azzurri jersey over 100 times. He is a champion on the field and in life.”

Toure will miss the match: how big of an impact will this have?
Gervinho: “Undeniably he is a great player, he’s very important for City. It’s a shame there won’t be a derby with an Ivorian. I’m focused on myself, on what I have to do in a very important game that we have to win.”

What do you believe is the key to being a Roma forward?
Gervinho: “I play often, but I work hard in training to deserve the starting spot. I hope to live up to these games that are so important. Working hard and having the confidence of the manager.

Do you believe there are players more suited for tomorrow than others?
Garcia: “Everyone is ready. Some have more experience than other, but I believe that everyone can contribute to helping the Roma qualify tomorrow night. “

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