Former Fiorentina director praises Ljajic

Former Fiorentina sporting director Pantaleo Corvino spoke to TeleRadioStereo and praised Roma’s Adem Ljajic and spoke about current La Viola’s current goalkeeper, Neto, who has been linked with the Giallorossi.

“Ljajic? He’s amazing guy in terms of technicality and from the human standpoint. If he works well, he has potential to become quality and he is on the right track. Neto? I always like to highlight the aspects of his attitude. He’s still a youngster from all points of view. I brought him to Italy in Florence during a time of self-financing and I went in search of important potential (players) in South America. He arrived quietly because he had a great career behind: today, after being brought as a back-up but with the attitude that he could be a starter: he’s disproving everyone. The Fiorentina goalkeeper is very important. Could he do well at Roma? Yes. He’s a great team goalkeeper. The transition wouldn’t be traumatic for him because he is used to pressure.”

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