Rudi Garcia and Morgan De Sanctis speak ahead of tomorrow’s Moscow clash

Roma manager Rudi Garcia and goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis held a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League encounter with CSKA Moscow.

There’s a problem at right-back…
Garcia: Tomorrow, Florenzi or Somma or another that I’ll keep to myself will play at right-back.

What type of Roma do you want to see?
Garcia: Roma has always been the same, there isn’t one Roma one day and another one another day. You have to understand that there are teams in Europe much stronger than us. That aside, I think it’s obvious that we’re focused on tomorrow’s game and not on the one’s that were already played. We know that we have our destiny in our hands and an advantage from the first match. We won’t wait for others to do anything else, we must win, even if we know that it will be difficult.

There is an emergency in defense that has created some difficulties…
De Sanctis: Considering what has happened in the last two and a half months, it is clear that we weren’t lucky bceause of this whole series of situations that haven’t allowed the entire team to be available and to manage our energy. It’s an objective problem, if I can take up what the manager said, the first part of our season has been good.

Morgan, how are you? Can you handle the double commitment of Europe?
De Sanctis: After my incident, it took a bit of time to get back to normal. To play a game every three days you need to be at 200% and I was only at 100% in recent times and because I wasn’t at 200% I agreed with the coach that I’d be rested for certain matches. Now it’s been almost two months since my injury and I’ve fully recovered.

Was the result of CSKA in Manchester normal or exceptional?
Garcia: If you recall my statements from the first group match, I immediately said that this team from Moscow is a strong team. I told everybody that they would get results. I wasn’t wrong.

How can the temperature affect the match?
De Sanctis: It’s certainly a factor to consider, in my career I have often played in extreme conditions, the goalkeeper’s role is very delicate, there is little movement and your limbs cool immediately. There are things that can slow the cooling and the club has acted on that, we’ve prepared to face the cold and can fight it. We have elements that can help us, it’s obvious that we must be ready in our minds to understand the conditions of the pitch. The cold is normal for them, they know this field in these conditions.

What has happened with Maicon?
Garcia: He’s not ready to play tomorrow. Also because he hasn’t trained with the team. I planned on bringing all of those who even had a slight chance of playing, even Torosidis had his ticket. Like normal, yesterday in training we evaluated both of them and neither of them are ready to play. 

What can the affect of playing behind closed doors have?
Garcia: I smile because I don’t know. I don’t have the answer. Luckily, playing behind closed doors doesn’t happen often, a game without fans is not real football. What I hope is that you (the media), unlike usual, listen to the talking that is made on the field.

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