Sabatini appears on Roma TV

Walter Sabatini, Roma’s sporting director, appeared on Roma TV this evening and watched a slideshow of pictures from his career:

Your childhood…
These are my siblings (points to the screen), my sister Rosalba and my brother Carlo, who is a coach back where I used to live. Where have you gotten these (laughs)?

Your father?

Remo. He looks sluggish. He looks a lot like my son, it’s unbelievable, it’s like Santiago. Where does this photo come from? I’m like my son, too. Beautiful.

How was the first year of the American Roma?
I saw Kjaer was awarded as one of the best central defenders in France. He wasn’t forgiven after his episode against Lazio, which clearly reversed a result that was in our favor that day. Luis Enrique’s team played football. Those damning episodes and Roma’s losses left the guy with an uncertain future — I let him go because I didn’t think he’d be able to do much. This is Luis Enrique…the one who is currently at Barcelona. He was a great coach as well as a loyal and honest guy — this can’t be replicated. He had these traits, but they also condemned him. I wish him all the luck, which he deserves. He wasn’t exclusively Baldini’s choice.

You’re on the roof of Trigoria quite often…
When they see me up there, I am convinced that many are afraid that I may fall. I watch from there often to look in on the team, I really like the roof. I love to look from there, I do it often, sometimes less. It’s my roof.

He was a bit of a challenge. I wanted to bring him but Roma were still involved with Unicredit, it was a challenging operation, it was complex and cost a lot. It was an operation that was open to many interpretations. I wanted at all costs to bring him to Roma so I went along with it. I wanted the “new” Roma to have a pure palents. And he’s a ’92 class, it was an investment of a little boy who played just 25 matches at River Plate. I’m sitting here feasting on a new train of thought (regarding Lamela). I follow him with the hope that he imposes himself on an international level — perhaps the English type is not his football but he’s a child and will have time to pursue his goals.

Jim is a guy who is easy to have rapport with. He’s playful. He trusts me so much, I trust his ideas, his desire is to get results. He will succeed, with or without me.

Let’s talk about the match against Juve…
It’s a match that showed that Juventus and Roma played on par. Some believe that they are stronger, many believe that we are stronger. Some things happened that were, quite frankly, laughable. I forgot about the match when I went into press room — making no assumptions or whining. I said that the three goals were not valid and that I accepted the result and the strength of Juventus. We have to accept the results — even the painful ones. On that day we lost, but with a different referee, the result would have been much different. I admire Rocchi a lot — if he returned, I’d be quiet.

The Editor of, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including,, and ESPN.