De Rossi celebrates 100th cap with Italy

Daniele De Rossi held a press conference today on the day he celebrates his 100th cap for Gli Azzurri against Croatia.

Today you celebrate your 100th cap…

It’s incredible, unbelievable, it’s a goal that will remain in your heart even after you retire. I would like to be succeeded by some great guys.

How about Roma…
We feel like we have this past year: we’re on the same level as Juve. Missteps happen to everyone. We lost badly in Naples and we didn’t deserve to lose against Juve. As for Bayern, we played an opponent who has stronger than us.

A dedication on your 100th appearance?
Yes…to my friend Emanuele Mancini, who plays in Serie D, a wonderful player that I grew up with in the youth ranks at Roma. My first thought is to him.

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