Roma release statement on Tacopina

AS Roma have released a statement regarding the club’s business outlook after rumors swirled that former board member Joseph Tacopina, who acquired Serie B club Bologna, played a vital role in the club’s business development and strategic planning.

“On 8 September 2014, AS Roma S.p.A. announced the resignation of Joseph Tacopina from the AS Roma Board of Directors. In light of recent erroneous reports regarding Mr. Tacopina’s role and influence at AS Roma, and given AS Roma’s status as an Italian listed company, we inform the market that there is no impact on AS Roma’s business or prospects from Mr. Tacopina’s departure. We wish to be clear that our strategic vision and business plan for AS Roma over the last few years is highly proprietary and Mr. Tacopina played zero role in the development or execution of our business plan. Mr. Tacopina held no ownership interest in AS Roma and his sole role was to serve as an independent member of the Board of Directors pursuant to an agreement that he originally entered into with Thomas DiBenedetto in 2011.

We have the utmost respect for Bologna FC as well as all those that have been, and are, dedicated to its success. We wish them the best as they seek to impart their own strategic vision within Italian football.”

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