President Pallotta “Have trust in the team, it was just a temporary black out”

The club’s president spoke with the journalist after his meeting with Rome’s mayor Ignazio Marino. Here are his words:

“I’ve talked with Garcia about the problems of team last night, we had dinner together. I think one of the reason was the heavy loss against Bayern. Rationally, we can go back and say that we lost 7-1 with them, but they only managed to score one against CSKA, which we beat 5-1. This things are bound to happen, they have to understand it was just a negative evening and that’s it. But in my opinion, the true problem are the missing players: Castan, Maicon, Strootman..they are important elements for our team. To properly battle with Bayern and other big teams you need to have this kind of players available. But both Rudi and Walter have faith in our squad, we’ve talked about this during the dinner. I’ve also found out that Led Zeppelin and John Mayer, we couldn’t avoid to talk about music untill 2 in the morning. I have faith in the team, it was just a momentary black out”