Pallotta looking for sponsor to pay for stadium

A partner for the Stadio della Roma.

AS Roma president James Pallotta is about to close a deal, by Christmas, for a substantial multi-year sponsorship. The American ownership have turned to consulting firm CAA Sports to scan the international market for sponsorship with the objective being to merge the shirt sponsorship with that of the future stadium.

Stadium naming rights have raised incredible figures for clubs across Europe: Bayern Munich have a deal worth €80 million over the next 10 years for the Allianz Arena, while the naming rights for the Juventus Stadium brought in €75 million over 12 years. Incredibly, the Bernabeu’s naming rights will be worth €500 million over 25 years for Real Madrid. It is believed that if Pallotta is successful in acquiring a sponsor early on, he will use the funds to pay for the construction of the stadium.

According to other reports, Pallotta will look to secure €10-15 million per year for the main shirt sponsorship. The stadium itself will cost €254 million, the “new” Trigoria will cost €12 million and the commercial area €75 million. In total the private works will cost €341 million. That figure will be covered with a twenty-year mortgage at 6% annual interest, with the installments costing €32 million a year, and a “settling payment” worth the final 20% to be repaid at the end of the 20 year mortgage.

On the other hand, the revenues from the stadium are estimated to be about €62 million a year. Of this: 45% (just under €28 million a year) would come from ticket sales which of course would not be directly due to AS Roma while 40% (€24.8 million) would come from the advertising and sponsorship of the stadium. The rest of the revenue (15% which would amount to around 9 million per year) from other revenues such as catering and the sale of merchandise.

Today Pallotta will meet with the Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino for lunch, accompanied by Mark Pannes who has been given the portfolio of the Stadio della Roma and is in charge of getting the stadium built effectively. The trio will meet at around noon and Pallotta is expected to ask Marino why after more than two months since the approval by the Board of the Resolution, the Council has still not given a response on the stadium.