Juan Iturbe: “Me a champion? Not yet.”

Roma’s Juan Iturbe appeared on Roma Radio this afternoon:

How are you?
I’m fine, we’re working to do well.

Is there a difference between the preparation here compared to Verona?
There’s so much to do here, we play the Champions League, it is not easy to play all these games. I do more physiotherapy training (here).

You moved to Roma this summer: did you expect to be second in the league?
Roma was already strong last year. Now we’ve strengthened and added quality players like Keita, and (announcer interrupts with the following question).

Like Iturbe?
No, I still don’t consider myself a champion. There are players here who have won and know how to win. And there’s a coach who understands a lot about football.

Toni says you can become one of the strongest in the world..
He said that because I’ve made a lot of goals for him (laughts)! Luca has given me so much — especially from a human point of view.

Does Garcia ask of something different of you than Mandorlini did?
Of course, it’s pretty different, but in Verona I learned to defend, which is important for a striker.

Have you raced Gervinho yet?
No, not yet (laughs)! But…I think he’s faster than me.

Who has surprised you?
Totti. I’ve realized he’s great as a man and on the field. As an opponent, you don’t realize it.

Your most troublesome teammate (laughs)?

On May 31, you’ll be happy if you…
No. Nothing from the personal point of view, we’re a team.

The Editor of RomaPress.us, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including ASRoma.com, EuroFantasyLeague.com, and ESPN.