Financial Fair Play: Roma and Inter negotiate with UEFA

President James Pallotta wants to make sure the club will not receive any sanction, according to reports

AS Roma’s financial status has created controversy over the last few months, and looks like something is on the horizon: a group of representatives of the club was sent to Nyon to provide UEFA with accounting informations.

“It is just a work trip, we will not say anything on the content of the discussion”, a Roma employee said.

“President Pallotta was not present at the meeting. He does not need to be anyway, as it’s the legal team of the club which takes care of such issues”

Sources from Trigoria say that the meeting was “extremely positive”, and that a new deal with UEFA “was struck”.

The next press release by the financial departement of UEFA is due by the first half of December.

Roma and Inter were two of the seven club under UEFA’s radar since September, as they were under investigation for a possible infringement of the “Break Even Rule” under current Financial Fair Play regulations.