Tancredi: “Roma’s depth not good enough”

Former Roma goalkeeper Franco Tancredi spoke to Teleradiostereo about a number of topics concerning the Giallorossi.

“To understand what happened after the defeats against Juventus and Bayern we would have had to be in the locker room in order to understand whether the problems are psychological or physical. The Roma of today is a great team, the problem is that many injuries have led to several depth players playing too many games. Even if back-ups are good in the long run the absentees take their toll. That being said, I have great confidence in Roma for Serie A and for the Champions League. ”

“Bayern is a war machine, on Saturday they almost lost against Borussia Dortmund even though they produced 10-15 scoring chances. If Roma go to Munich and play intelligently then they can cause an upset. An opportunity to change the momentum of the team?  Yes, the team has the ability to gain some positive energy from  this game. It will take teamwork and unity for Roma to win tomorrow. Their style of play is very technical like all the teams Garcia has coached but in order to win in Munich the team will need to sweat.”

“Scudetto? Three points behind Juventus means nothing. Both Juventus that Roma are not in great shape so everything is possible.”

“The goalkeepers? De Sanctis is one of the leaders of the group and still seems to be in good shape. Skorupski, in the few times he has taken to the field, has shown great confidence. Since leaving Trigoria I have only spoken well of Roma and the goalkeeping situation at Roma is less of a problem than it used to be. “