Mia Hamm interview with Roma Radio

New board member and former FIFA World Female Player of the Year spoke to the club’s official radio today. Here is the full report:

Why did you decide to join Roma’s board?
When people talk about clubs which have international reputation, Roma is in the list. It’s an honor, and a privilege for me. It can be a way to help the soccer movement in the US grow.

How did Roma get in touch with you?
I’ve received an e-mail from James Pallotta. Then he called, he knew my husband because he played baseball at professional level. When we had the meeting, he talked to me about the change he brought to Roma: when we talked about the future plans, he has asked me to join the board. I was surprised to hear that.

What does this opportunity mean to you?
I think soccer is a global sport. In the US we’re not up to Italy’s standards, but I’m happy because Pallotta is doing his best to bring relevant persons to the club.

What about your role?
As any member, I will vote on the decisions that will be taken by the club. I still need to figure out how to be part of this group properly though. It’s fully of different personalities, anyone having a different background. I think Pallotta will exploit the different skills of any member, I’m a pretty big name in the US and I will be able to make the American public aware of the values and objectives of the club.

Have you vistied Rome before?
Yes, I’ve been there several times.

Do you know the team?
My parents lived in Rome when I was at the university, I came here several times, I watched the games on TV. When you walk around Rome, you understand that this the team of the city. After more than 2o years, I have the chance to work for this club and help making it the best in the world.

Were you a romanista before joining the board?

Are you happy to be back in Rome?
Definitely, this city has immense history. I’ve beautiful memories about my parents, and I still have a lot of friends. I came here for the 1990 World Cup, can’t wait to be back.

Do you know Totti?
Never met him in person, but sure I do. My admiration for him is immeasurable.

Female football in Italy? Any thoughts?
There is a huge potential for growth, considered the country history. In the US, it wasn’t a male a sport.

Best sport memory you have?
I was 4 year-old, not old enough to play soccer. But I remember watching my brothers’ training session, hoping my dad would let me play. I could’t wait for him to tell me “Ok Mia, get in there and play”. Best career memory got to be 1999 World Cup: we were supposed to play in small stadiums, but our leader Marla Messing decided to make us play in huge facilities. Watching 70000 or more people watching you was amazing.

We hope to see you back in Rome soon.
Can’t wait to be back, being chosen for this role was an honor. I’ll do my best to help the club.