Leandro Castan to Roma Radio: I’m ready to play

Roma Radio: Leandro Castan appeared on the club’s official radio station this afternoon, here are his words.

Leo, how are you?
I’m fine, thank God everything is ok, I can’t wait to play again. I’ve missed it so much. The important thing is to feel good and be happy. Soon I’ll be back with them (his teammates).

Let’s talk about your health…
It ‘s been a very long and difficult time, I had many problems that happened all at once. First, I had a couple injuries to my leg, after that I had head inflammation that left my feeling bad , then I had a stomach virus — this was the worst of all. I went several days without eating, I lost several pounds. It was nothing bad — like the rumors that were circulated (referring to rumors that he had a brain tumor). Some people do not understand that I have a family, children, who know all this. I don’t have a tumor, I don’t have cancer. I’m fine . I’m training. I ask for respect, not just a player but because I have a family with children, I have the parents. To find true information, we need to inform (people). My life has never been easy, but I’m ready to go. I’m ready to overcome all of this. The desire to play with the shirt of Roma has always been there, but now it is now doubled.

How do you view Roma from the outside?
They’re doing fine — I’m happy for them. I knew that we’d do well this season. Major players arrived — even stronger than last year. The road is long but I think we’re going well and we have to continue like this because there is so much more to go. I watch the team every day, I do not want to miss anything and I am sure that the goal of returning will make the fans happy.

The coach also spoke of your return…
I have to be patient and wait, this is giving me more strength, more desire. I am a warrior, because from where I was born in Brazil, in a small town so far away from the capital São Paulo, to where I’ve gotten with Roma — I can say I’m a warrior for life. God has given me this challenge, I’ll overcome this challenge. I’m very very happy to return.

There are are many new faces in defense…
To be honest, I only knew of Astori. I didn’t know Emanuelson and YangaMbiwa well, but they have proven to be strong. But with the director Sabatini, you can rest assured that he brings only strong players to Roma. I am happy and can not wait to return to play with them.

The duel between Roma and Juve?
It’s hard to talk about, it’s always controversial when I talk about Juve. I just look at our road, the road is long, I’m glad we’re near there. Our team this year is even stronger than the last one and I think that this year we can do even better and win the Scudetto.

The game against Juve?
I had a stomach virus and wasn’t doing well. When I watched the match, I wanted to smash my television. One difference I did see, though: they were afraid of us.

Is this defense more complete than last season? 
It’s still only Maicon (from last season) now, it’s difficult to make comparisons, but the new guys are doing well and it is important that they continue like this.

Saturday in Naples will be fiery…
To the fans, I say: leave the challenges to those on the field. I pray that they (the fans) will remain quiet and let the challenge take place only on the field: life is more important than football. And we hope to do well.

A return on November 22 after the break?
I hope so. I am in the hands of the doctors when they tell me I won’t ever stop pushing and pushing for more, but the message I can give to the fans is that I will return bigger and stronger than before.


The Editor of RomaPress.us, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including ASRoma.com, EuroFantasyLeague.com, and ESPN.