Rudi Garcia: It was important to win

Sky Italia: Here are the words of Rudi Garcia after his team’s 2-0 victory over Cesena.

Is the championship more balanced?
For us, it was important to win, not doing so would have been negative. My players did well to score goals against a very closed team. And then we doubled (our lead) — we conducted a very peaceful match.

Were there too many mistakes in your set-up?
We were a little subdued in the first half. We didn’t have patience but then we scored a goal where collectively everyone was good. In the second half, we managed to dribble with quality, although, I noticed that there were also chances to go one on one against the goalkeeper and we didn’t take advantage of this very well.

We will know more tomorrow. Tonight we lost Astori, but Manolas doesn’t have anything significant.

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