Garcia’s pre-Cesena press conference

Live at Trigoria: Rudi Garcia speaks before tomorrow’s match against Cesena, here are his words.

Are there pitfalls in the match against Cesena ahead of Bayern and Napoli?

No distractions, we are focused on this match because the next game is always the most important. We need to return to winning ways in the league, we’re playing at home in front of our fans. A draw away from can be a good result, but with all respect to Cesena, tomorrow there is no other possibility: we must win.

Tomorrow begins a series of matches: 4 in 10 days. Is it a sensitive period?

It will be nice to play games. The players prefer to play every three days, they train less and are only recovering. The good news is that I will have more choices to make, as Keita and Manolas have returned and we’ll also be a bit more fresh.

He’s back in training, but is Keita ready?
He’s 100%, he hasn’t been away from training for awhile. He can start right away, but if possible, I would prefer not to play him 90 minutes so he can be ready for Napoli.

Can Destro play tomorrow?
Mattia is fine, he is ready to play. He’s a striker who likes to play in the penalty area, he likes to play in games in which we play from the back with our fastest players or have a lot of possession,  just like Totti. But they can also play together. On the offensive department, Borriello is also ready, I always have difficult choices to make.

Five matches, one victory: have Roma lost their charm?
One of those five losses came against Juve, so does not count. To draw with City and Sampdoria are not negative results.

This year there have been difficulties in the midfield with injuries: what about Paredes and Uçan?
I don’t know if having them play in big matches like the one’s against Juventus, Sampdoria and Bayern is good for them. Uçan has had two injuries and the issue or learning the language. I have confidence in Uçan and Paredes, they’re improving and they’ll get their chance during the game.

The condition of Maicon?
Maicon is much better, hopefully we’ll have him back with us in time for the Napoli game on Saturday.


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