Sinisa Mihajlovic speaks before Roma match

Sampdoria manager Siniša Mihajlović held a press conference before his team hosts the Giallorossi tomorrow:

“Tomorrow will be a match between two angry teams. We lost a great opportunity to Cagliari, but from a character point of view, Samp has made great progress, we must not leave anything on the road, we have to be good in our minds and legs.”

Who is the most optimistic?
Ferrero (the president) is the most optimistic. I hope that Romanisti do not get upset because our president looks at everything through the eyes of a show (referring to Ferrero’s cinema background).

Would you settle for 1-0?
I am content with scoring five goals, but we will try to win because I am an optimist, but I know it will be difficult.

The conditions of Gastaldello and Silvestre?
Gastaldello is strong, it’s a fever — what can you do? He comes from a part of Italy where they’re strong. Silvestre was stopped as a precaution but he’ll be available.

A comment on Bayern-Roma?
Every game is a story in itself. In the first 70 minutes, Bayern didn’t miss a step. It definitely made us realize that Roma, when losing, has made goals in different way. In Italy, that (losing 7-1) is unlikely because they (Roma) always have the ball.

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