Garcia’s pre-Sampdoria press conference

Rudi Garcia spoke today before tomorrow’s match against Sampdoria in Genova, here are his words:

What kind of reaction do you expect?
That defeat on Tuesday will not erase anything that we’ve done. We’ve been up to the task since the beginning of the year.

It’s believed Sampdoria have more conviction after watching the Champions League match…what do you think of Ferrero’s words?
I’m not the opponent’s managers. It’s a Sampdoria who have made a good start to the season, they have 4 victories and haven’t lost yet, it means that they are a good team. But we need to focus on us. I expect an amitious Roma, we will arrive as always: we’re going there to win.

Was the loss against Bayern just an episode? Do you still believe you’ll win the Scudetto?
We have turned the page: now to the league, which has nothing to do with the Champions League. We will play to go ahead and continue this very good start to the season. The greatest victories can be built on the worst defeats: I’m always thinking positive.

Capello said the Italian league is not a trainer (for the Champions League): do you agree?
After the first day of the Champions League and Europa League, Italy was first. But now we say that but I think it’s too extreme to say that. I know that in Italy there are big clubs who have won the Champions League, the organizers who handle the Italian league must be the ones to make this happen again. I’m doing (what I can to) bring Roma to the top of league, slowly, and also in Europe. On Tuesday, we saw that the team still has awhile.

How is Totti? How will you handle him?
He already knows everything because he’s watched training. I have nothing else to add.

Tomorrow is not essential to return to winning? Samp isn’t the worst opponent…
The result is, obviously, always important, we always play to win but I think the result is a consequence of the way we play. What do you mean we ‘have’ to win? It means nothing, we have the ‘opportunity’ to win. Right now Sampdoria is the third or fourth strongest in the league. We must do our best to win against everyone.

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