Rudi Garcia ahead of Bayern match: Everything is possible

AS Roma manager Rudi Garcia spoke ahead of tomorrow’s meeting with German champions Bayern Munich:

You began in the Champions league by saying, “We qualified, let’s enjoy it.” Now, you’ve destryoed the Russian champions and did well in City’s house. Do you feel an increase in your responsibilities?
No, not at all, we’re outsiders, we still have these Champions. Tomorrow will be a great game. I have already said this Saturday. We will have to be good at exploiting the opportunities.

Benatia…what was your relationship like in Rome?
Benatia is Bayern’s and isn’t Roma’s anymore, I deal with only my players of Roma.

You said that you will win the league title. Can you bring yourself to say you’ll win against Bayern?
In a football match, anything can happen. They are one of the strongest clubs economically in the world and also on the field. But we will try everything to make it difficult and try to get some points.

The trump card could be the joy of not having too many responsibilities?
“Yeah, sure. Our game should be to take pleasure with being on the field. But there’s also being smart — we have nothing to lose.”

Could it be a game that makes you gain confidence to go far in the Champions League?
We have the task of going against the odds since we were already out of the group. Our goal is to disprove the odds, winnning tomorrow we will think we can go through but it will only be the first step in this mini league that is the Champions League.

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