Garcia press conference “After Juve – Roma, I understood: we will win the Scudetto”

Roma’s manager spoke in the traditional pre-match press conference. Here is the full report:

We had a break after a particular match. How do you feel after 10-12 days?

The problem is only that we had too many days without a match to play. That’s why we’ve talked a lot about the Juve game. I can answer this question, but that’s it. It has not been a defeat, far from it. I’m proud of my team, we’ve shown guts. I just want to say something about Juve: the “welcome” was shameful, both in the stands and on the bench. That was unacceptable. I want to add something on Totti as well: when he speaks, he has to be respected because he’s a great sportsman. He has some true values, and these values have been betrayed after that game. I’ve re-watched the game, and the pictures speak for themselves. What struck me is how a very good referee can be influenced in such an easy way.  And that’s it, I’ve seen a strong Roma and I’ve understood that Roma will win the title. I’m far more worried about the Chievo game and the Champions League match after. The fans will have to help us tomorrow as well: we need to win every game now.

Why are Ljajic and Destro always in the eye of the hurricane?

What really matters is what I think of them, and they’re as much as important as anyone else. We will have a lot of games, there will be space for everyone. Mattia and Adem already scored, there are no problem with them at all. Mattia will have to take advantage of his chances, when he will have the opportunity.

Have you seen the same determination in the eye of your players?

Of course. I’m the pack leader, but they are the wolves. When they play, they have to be aware of how strong they are and prove it on the pitch. Maybe we’ll not win every match, but we aim to do so.

Is Paredes ready?

As I’ve said before, yes he is. He’s improving day after day, and he’s very intelligent by the side of how the interacts with the older players like Keita or De Rossi. He’s got into our style of play, he’s a valuable asset for this team.

One month and a half, a lot of injuries. Are you worried?

Not at all, it’is just a catch-22. If they are all the same injury, it could be worrying: but we’re talking about different muscles. Sometimes is the calf, sometimes the tight and so on.

If you had to explain the difference between last year and this year, what would you say?

Last year we came at this point winning 9 consecutive matches, we wanted to keep those standards. Now we have to look for another victory, a difference could be the bigger squad: anyone is important, anyone is strong, anyone can help the team.

Did the opinion of those who argue against live replay surprise you?

I’ve talked about technological improvement, not about live replay. In any sport they have this kind of tools, why not in football?

Is there some kind of protocol Roma have to use with referees?

What Maicon said is not antithetic to Morgan’s words. Maicon is right, if something wrong happens we have to look ahead and not be focused on the referee’s performance. In Manchester we got a penalty at the very start, same in Turin: we didn’t collapse after that silly penalty. This shows the team can overcome the obstacles, not any obstacle but most of them.

Why did you go so far to say “We will win the title”?

Because I have my reasons to do so, but you guys are intelligent and you know what I mean.