Maicon reflects on the Juve match, Totti, and more

Roma fullback Maicon gave an interview in today’s edition of Il Corriere della Sera:

Slow motion replay on the field? No, it would make even more of a mess. Mine was not a penalty against Juve, I knew it right away. I can protest with the referee, of course, but what would change? I don’t think the referee made the mistake on purpose, we all try to make the most of our work. I’ve been trying to think where it went wrong for us because I know you pay for errors more against Juve than with another team. Having said that, the mistakes of the referee affected the the final result. Do I prefer Rome or Milan? Rome for the sun, but when I retire I’ll go back to Brazil. Totti? Men admire him: he gave his life for the Roma, his only club. How many players in the world can you say the same for?”

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