De Sanctis: We proved to be the stronger team against Juve

Morgan De Sanctis was interview in today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport and the Roma goalkeeper didn’t hold back his feelings from the match played against Juve and the refereeing decisions made in the match:

At the center seems to be the controversy following Juve-Roma, even Michel Platini has spoken about it…
He has too narrow of a view, he’s only a Juventino. I hope that he was being ironic, because he said that he did not see the match. But it was not appropriate for the UEFA president to talk about it.

Many were talking after the match…
I am just saying that the winners had to tone it down and instead it was the opposite. I say that us discussing it is not negative. Football thrives on controversy and drama. With 20 years of football behind him, Totti has done well to speak after the match. You have to know how to lose, but it is hard to accept certain decisions because you have the feeling of having not played on an equal footing.

Buffon would say: “You must also know how to lose…”
Gigi and I are elderly and perhaps we are losing our memory. Then in his career he has had many more successes than disappointments. The players of Juve are wrong to feel persecuted. They are equal to the others and behave in the same way. The only difference is that in Italy they win often. How do they say it in Turin? “Winning is not important, it is the only thing that counts”. Perhaps they should add: “And we do not care how”. I’m not talking about stealing, I mean that they should admit they were lucky and not hide behind the argument of the siege. I can teach Gigi how to lose. But one day I hope to also teach him how to win.

Now it’s difficult to discuss the calcio to be played…
Look, I help myself. You win the Scudetto by being the strongest and us and Juve are, but in Turin, we proved to be better than them. For the Champions League, we will do everything possible, but the race is to the title. Look, I do not want to finish second, but to win (it). We can do it, and we understand that by their (Juve’s) reactions.

With Chievo you’re ready to return, do you really want to quit at the end of the season?
Roma made me an offer and I’m thinking about it, by December I will give an answer. I would like to end in the best way, otherwise I could go to the United States.

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