Miralem Pjanic interview with Ultimo Uomo: talks Totti, Garcia, Zeman

Roma’s playmaker gave a interview to the Italian website Ultimouomo.com. Here are some extracts:

“My inspiration as a kid was Zidane. I like Pirlo, for his elegance. My favorite of the current era is probably Xavi.”

“There is no dualism with Francesco at all. He plays in a different role. We love being together on the pitch, we understand each other’s movements. That’s the fourth season we’re playing together, I know how he plays, he knows how I play…”

“A central midfielder, a mezz’ala, in the 4-3-3. That’s my role. In a midfield that aims to keep possession, controlling the flow of the game. That’s my style, and I’m lucky enough to play with a lot of amazing players who know a lot about football.”

“Zeman? He’s a good coach. But probably he needed some specific kind of players, players he didn’t have here. Maybe we should have played in another way under him, as our team made a different work. He oftens asks for the midfielder to bring the ball forward, he’s a guru of vertical play. I want more freedom. As Garcia is telling me right now, ‘Do what you feel because you decide, you make the game’. That’s the main difference between him and Garcia”

“Being Totti’s heir? Everyone dreams about that, but Totti is beyond football. He made history in Italian football, he’s a legend. The fact that he never changed his shirt is fantastic. Identifying yourself with a single team is amazing, but football has changed a lot, and clubs often needs money. Maybe it’s not the player who decides to lave. I’ve had the opportunity to leave Roma, but I enjoy the club and the city so much that I ask myself: why would I leave if I love the club, Rome and I want to win here?”