SportItalia’s Alfredo Pedullà: Roma-Rabiot in the final sprint

SportItalia journalist Alfredo Pedullà released an update on the Roma-Rabiot situation on his official website:

“Adrien Rabiot and Roma. A long story, a long soap opera that will very soon know its last word. There’s a history of a very long negotiation that has experienced several phases and it’s now about to enter the decisive moments. It’s a story of a pact between Roma and PSG, the Giallorossi have been able to handle the situation in the very best way, along simultaneously peacefully with Mrs. Veronique (his mother and agent). All of this because there was a time when Roma, if they wanted to, could have taken the card of Rabiot for free. The boy is ready to commit without any ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. In spite of all this, they (PSG) would like other clubs to be ready to spring into action from February onwards if things haven’t been resolved in the January market (with Roma). Roma, however, wants to maintain good relations with the PSG from now on. In the last few weeks, there have been diplomatic efforts (by Roma) to reach a complete agreement between the end of October and the first half of November. Obviously there will be adjusted numbers, for around €5 million plus bonuses, because the alternative (for PSG) would be for the French club to lose Rabiot for zero euros. Hence the urgency, and so far futile efforts, by the French club to propose a desperate renewal attempt for the midfielder. Could the scenario change? Yes, but only if there was a total reversal of the current product: a new club is able to tempt PSG and the entourage of Rabiot, to the point of completely changing the scenario which is becoming more and more clear. Roma is preparing, with confidence, for the final sprint.”

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