Maxi Lopez praises “romantic” Francesco Totti

Maxi Lopez has spoken to Il Messaggero ahead of this weekend’s match against the Giallorossi:

We start with the #10, the number most associated with Francesco Totti…
(Laughs) My #10 does not have anything to do with his #10. Totti is history. One of the last romantics. His entire life have been with the same colors. He’s the most valued in Rome which is different compared to other teams. Few in the world at his age have that technique and mental freshness: he is the member of a small club, where you can find people like Raul, or even our Pellissier.

An adjective for the Giallorossi and one for Chievo… 
Roma is balanced, completely, from the results. Chievo is hungry. We need points.

Roma had a bad day in Turin…
I don’t talk about referees because then after the game they get mad at me. They can make mistakes, it happens to everyone. Then they pay for it, as in the case of Rocchi. You have to be patient. Of course we expect a very hostile environment, Roma is in good shape, the defeat against Juventus will be gas in their tank of fire.

Are you studying Yanga-Mbiwa and Astori?
Yes, but the little leads I have I’m keeping for myself. We are studying Roma, yes, and we know they’re a huge leap in quality, for Chievo, it will take more during the 90 minutes and to be evil in attack. I want to be the reference point. At the beginning of the season, Corini me “called” for me to make dougle digits (goals), I care and I hope. I scored in Naples and have done well.

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