Adrien Rabiot interview with Canal+: talks current situation at PSG, Roma move in January

The French midfielder gave an interview to Canal + this evening, talking about what he is going through at the moment. Here are his words:

“Well, everything seemed to be set with Roma in August. I wanted to go there. I still don’t understand what happened, and why negotiations broke down. It’s not true that I’m afraid of competition, just look at Roma’s midfield: packed with world-class players. Roma is a big club, they have a very interesting project, they play the Champions League. The next two weeks will be decisive, something can still happen in January.”


“About my mother, who’s my agent as well, well she’s an easy target: football is a world for man, she’s defenseless. But who can do my interest better than her? I don’t know if I will keep playing with PSG, I don’t like playing with the B team at all. But I would like to clarify that I have no problems at all with Blanc.”