Match Report: Juventus 3-2 AS Roma

AS Roma 2-3 Juventus

Juventus Stadium

AS Roma Juventus
ScorersTotti (27′), Iturbe (44′)  Tevez (27′, 45′ + 3′), Bonucci (86′)
Shots (On Goal)8 (2)20 (5)

It took two non-penalties and an offside goal gift-wrapped to Juventus to hand Roma their first loss of the season. In a match filled with refereeing mistakes, Roma were the ones who were made to pay thanks to the errors of Gianluca Rocchi.

It took only 45 minutes for controversy to surround the match as Gianluca Rocchi gave Juventus two penalties for occurrences outside of the penalty area. First, a Pirlo free-kick inadvertently hit the arm of Maicon outside of the penalty area as Carlos Tevez put Juve up 1-0. Roma then managed to tie the match at 1-1 and fifteen minutes later, taking the lead thanks to a Juan Iturbe goal.

After signaling for one minute of extra time at the end of the half, Gianluca Rocchi allowed play to go on and he handed Juventus a penalty, 55 seconds after the half should’ve ended. Carlos Tevez, again, stepped up to the spot and tied the match at 2-2 going into half-time.

Just as it looked like the match would end even at 2-2, Leonardo Bonucci hammered home a goal but Arturo Vidal was obstructing Lukasz Skorupski’s view in an offside position, as Juventus went on to steal three points from the Giallorossi, who enter the international break in second place, three points behind Juventus.


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