Garcia speaks ahead of tomorrow’s match

Roma manager Rudi Garcia spoke ahead of tomorrow’s showdown with Juventus in Turin:

Tomorrow is an important game from the psychological point of view, to have an opportunity like this?
The great thing about tomorrow is that we played against the champions of Russia and England will play against the champions of Italy before playing the champions of Germany. That’s great. We ask ourselves to play well every week. That’s great. We’ll compare (ourselves) on the field, we will do everything to make our game with confidence and ambition.

The Champions League has made others aware?
That’s what we must continue to do. We also saw a difficult time, with a disadvantage that is not easy to solve. We also had a chance to win. Every game is different, we’ll play like we did Tuesday: with ambition to give trouble to Juventus, knowing that they have quality.

Are there many players who can’t play for 90 minutes?
No, we had five days. I was told we had almost a week, they will all be full of energy.

Who has more to lose?
There are three points to be gained. The championship isn’t decided after this match, even if we win it won’t be over, it would be a disrespectful to the others. On a psychological level, it could be interesting, we’ll see after the game and we will have the answers after the break. What I want is to finish well in this series of seven matches, I want to finish in the best way possible. We have done well so far, but the series will end on 20th Sunday, we will do everything to get a positive result.

The player you fear the most?
We can not make a plan against one person. Tevez is the most decisive, but they’re a complete team and have quality but they’re not unbeatable. No team can win every game of a season. I’m focused on my team, with our own strengths we have shown our levels are good, I trust my players in this game.

Can you shed light on what is happening with Castan?
For two days he was at home, he had a gastro-intestinal virus, the kids get home from school with things like that. It’s a setback with respect to his return to the field, along with his leg and ear. Luckily we have 15 days, not only for him but also for others who are not with us, I don’t make the list. The important thing is that everyone will be back for the match against Chievo.

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