Totti’s interview for La Repubblica “Quitting will be a hard thing”

Roma’s captain gave an interview to the Roman newspaper La Repubblica. Here are his words:

Is the continue attention of the people a burden for you?

I appreciate it now and then, but often I would just like to have my privacy and have a walk around like everybody else. I only go to the cinema on a specific time, the people working there know me. During the movie, people come to ask for an autograph: you either act rude or make them happy. I always go for the latter.

Last film you’ve watched?

That had to be seven or eight months ago, you should ask Ilary.

What does it mean to arouse such emotion?

What I feel is surely different from what others feel. When I manage to do something important on the pitch, that makes me proud. And it has a double value, as I can make the fans happy as well.

For the Champions League gol you received a call from Renzi (the Italian Prime Minister)

I was please, but at the same times it’s strange that he decided to compliment me considering all the problems he’s facing…but you feel rewarded when someone of that level calls you to congratulate himself. During 2006, when I had my surgery, Berlusconi came to the clinic to visit me. I thought it was a joke, before he came seven or eight people from the security staff came in to check the building. I thought “What the hell are they doing here?” Two hours later, Berlusconi arrived.

Do you follow politics?

I don’t to be honest, it doesn’t appeal to me.

You look really self-confident on the TV screen. Did you ever think about pursuing this kind of career after your retirement?

Are you kidding me? Listen, I go to Maria De Filippi’s program because I have a good relationship with her. I feel at home, she’s very calm and makes you feel comfortable.

You have always played for Roma, did you ever expect to be on the line for so many trophies at 38 years of age?

Problem is, we haven’t won anything so far. We’ve experienced amazing moments, but what matters is the final result. You rate a horse at the end of the race. This could be the right year.

How do you imagine your life after football?

A lot of footballer don’t know what to do you after retirement. Football still entertains me, it’s an unique objective as long as you’ve the passion. Of course i’ts easy to say that right now, it will be way more difficult later on.

There are rumors going around about a contract extension.

That’s what they say, but they still need my signature…

Do you see yourself as a manager in the future?

Not at the moment. I’m too kind, even if I’ve seen people like me who turned into managers and they changed their approach. Who can tell.

Your favorite manager?

Mazzone for the way he “shaped” me, and Zeman. If you don’t find the right manager, it can be a disaster: everyone wanted me to play, and the more they wanted the less minutes of play Mazzone gave me. Managers are temporary, they usually don’t think about the individual.

Does the captain Totti encourages the team in the locker room?

I’m a man of few words, I speak when it’s needed. You shouldn’t be pushed by other players if you’re not ready. If they make a mistake on the field, it’s a different thing: of course I’m encouraging him.

Juve-Roma is on Sunday. Even if you’re on rival teams, you have a great relationship. How did that grow?

He’s one of the few friends I have in football, we grew together from the U-14 to the World Cup. only regret was not being able to play together at club level…he was close to come here though. He’s a wonderful person, we text each other a lot, we can’t meet because we live in different cities.

You have a fantastic physique for being 38, do you suffer for the diet regime?

Daje. I eat healthy, I’m not a glutton. Even if I go overboard now and then.

And the famous rigatoni by Ilary?

They were 16: 50 grams. When I used to eat in a unproper way -ice cream, sweets etcetera I did a real diet. If you gain weight you don’t feel your legs, you lose speed. Thankfully, Ilary is always on a diet.

Indeed, she has a perfect body.

She’s beautiful when she wakes up. I’m not saying this because she’s my wife, she’s a real beauty. When she walks around, you turn your head.

What kind of dad are you? 

(Laughs) A perfect one. A perfect one, I do everything. I bring them to school…

Your son Christian plays football. How can you protect him from the media exposure?

This kind of attention annoys me. He’s a kid, he just wants to have fun, But he’s a kid person like I am. Last time he came back home from school and told me “Dad, I need a picture for a friend of mine and the teacher”. At the end of the night, he had 66 pictures in his bag, plus the football shirts. In the end I told him “Christian, not this way!”