Garcia and Cole speak ahead of City clash

Roma manager Rudi Garcia and left-back Ashley Cole spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s match against Manchester City:

(Ashley Cole)
How is Italy? What will it be like to play against Lampard?
I feel good, it will be nice to see Hart and Lampard, I didn’t expect to play against him (Lampard) and it will be nice if we‘re both chosen to take the pitch.

Difference between Italian and English football?
The differences? I like them both, but they are very different. I love Italy. The players are technically different because we play fast and our coach is very good at urging us on in attack. I like the Premier League but also where I am.

Are you surprised that Lampard has switched teams?
Not really, we all know that the City is a great team, and he’s done a great job when he scored against Chelsea.

Where are City stronger than Roma? 
City’s players are good everywhere, we’re only thinking about us but we’ll have to work very hard in this match.

What is your reaction to the words of Ferdinand?
I’m here to talk about football and nothing else.

If you win tomorrow, would City be totally defeated?
Certainly it would be more difficult for them but it won’t be easy tomorrow. A win would definitely put us in a better position.


(Rudi Garcia)
What’s your message the day before the match?
We have three points, we started well and these points give us the chance to play without pressure. After the draw, it was written that we’ve already lost this match. Tomorrow, we have so much to gain and they (City) have so much to lose.

If you win tomorrow, do you think City would be completely defeated?
The round doesn’t finish tomorrow – it is only the second game, as I said earlier, we have three points. Tomorrow at the end of the match, if we are able to have the most points possible then it will be an important step in qualifying but in case there’s a bad outcome I won’t even think about it, there are still twelve points up for grabs

What do you expect from City?
Their coach didn’t say anything in their press conference (he’s being sarcastic on not being told what he should expect)? It’s a team that likes to hold on to possession. We’ll see what they do tomorrow, we have to respond to their every move. We need to be very organized defensively and do well to retreive the ball. I’m sure we’ll have our chances tomorrow and we’ll have to make the most of them.

How is De Sanctis?
Morgan has a muscle strain and he is not 100%, we will evalute during our workout if he can play or not.

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