Totti speaks with Roma TV

AS Roma captain Francesco Totti spoke with Roma TV this evening:

They give so much. Just watching them gives my goosebumps. I’ve been in the Curva (Sud), I know how they feel, what they want. Being Roma fans is a pride that goes 360 degrees. No other fans give that much love. I can only thank them.

The Scudetto: Parma-Roma
A day that I hardly forget. On June 17, 2001, my first Scudetto with Roma, scoring under the Curva, an indescribable dream. I hope I can repeat this before I retire.

De Rossi?
A friend with who I’ve shared so many good and bad moments, the most beautiful. We won a World Cup together, we hope to win again together. I’m proud for him to be the future captain.

The penalty against Australia?
We probably wouldn’t have advanced if I didn’t score. I had so much anger in my body after the terrible injury.

The victory at the World Cup?
The most important victory at the international level. Everyone’s dream is to win a World Cup. For Italy, it was nice to be world champions.

One of my few friends in football. I was hoping we’d be able to play together in Rome, and it was close but he remains an opponent. I don’t often get to see him because he’s in Turin but when I can, I’m glad to see him.

A psycho (laughs). He’s a player with who I found myself (playing) better. We speak the same footballing language, no one expected the way we played. We shared so many beautiful things together, when he came to Roma, I adopted him like a brother. Then there were problems and he left, I still don’t know the exact reason but it’s a part of life. Sometimes we share and, for me, he has done less than what he could do. Technically, he is among the strongest in the world.

The new stadium…
It will be the new home of Roma. A place where we’ll spend a lot of time, there will be many beautiful things around the stadium. Just seeing it makes you shudder. Playing in it would be great. I hope to be able to make this happen, even though it will be difficult. I’m looking forward to playing (there).

A great person, he’s young at heart, a handyman. He follows everything, he’s interested. A young person who’s helpful, a president who will do great (things) for Roma. If one day, he were to give the joy of having our own stadium it’d be even greater.

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