Garcia’s pre-Parma press conference

Rudi Garcia spoke today, on the eve of his team’s match against Roberto Donadoni’s Parma, here are his words:

What are the major dangers against Parma?
“We’re away against a Parma team that always plays good football and has made so many goals and has conceded a lot of goals. For us, it is a game that we will face doing everything to win, knowing that it’s always difficult to win away.”

There’s many injured played: is Paredes ready?
“He is very good, he’s near the same heights as the others.”

There are now eight injured after the report of De Rossi: has this ever happened in your career?
“I don’t know if it’s happened before, but it can happen. That’s we built a wider roster, because we knew that with these commitments it could happen. I’m confident that even against Cagliari, the players who came on did their best.”

Can Nainggolan play his fifth match in a row?
“We had the good fortune to play every four days, for the moment all the players are ready to play tomorrow. After Parma, we will see on the timing each game. I’ll take into account the shape of the players and Radja is one of the best, even in training. It’s important to follow the recovery work that we do, even mentally and in their private life – we have to be professional.”

Do you change the way you defend without De Rossi? How about Pallotta’s words on Strootman?
“I agree 100% with the president. We built a midfield so we have two players for each role. Keita did great in the Champions League. I expect De Rossi after the break.”

Have you spoken to Destro?
“I did it and what we said will stay in the dressing room.”

Can Iturbe recover for Manchester City?
“Manuel stopped because he had a problem with a muscle, where it’s usually a ‘normal’ problem. We only field players who are 100%. Manuel has a lot of desire and the same thing goes for Castan. We will do everything not to take risks with anyone.”

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