Roma Cagliari: post-match interviews

Maicon spoke to Sky Sport and Sport Mediaset: here are his words

You run like a train in the last two matches

That’s thanks to the pre-season training, and the national team training regime as well. I feel very fit at the moment.

What kind of message is Roma giving to the other teams with this victory?

It’s a message for us, not for our opponents.

Some player were fatigued. Did you guys feel tired?

Sure thing, and the hot weather didn’t help. We will give 100% next match.

Will it be a two-team run between Roma and Juventus?

Everyone knows Juve is extremely strong, they’ve proved it for three years. We need to think about ourself though.

Fourth consecutive win: message to Juve?

We didn’t answer to anybody, we just have to think about ourself.

You’re in terrific physical shape, Looks like you’ve found a new drive after the rumors from Brazil.

They’re just rumors, I only know the truth and I’m doing a fantastic job with Roma.

Will it be Roma-Juventus for the title?

We’re only at the start, it’s early to say.