Post-match interview: Rudi Garcia

Roma’s manager spoke to Sky Sport. Here are his words:

10 goals scored between Serie A and Champions League and just one goal conceded. The squad showed maturity in managing their energies. Is playing a match every three days helping keep up he concentration?

Sure, especially when you play with 30° like today. Sometimes we just have to keep the ball to regain some energies. We were off to a great start thanks to Destro and Florenzi, and those numbers are putting us in the first position thanks to goals scored and conceded. It was a great afternoon.

Can we close an eye for Florenzi’s booking?

No, he’ll pay the fine. But he’ll be happy to do so, That was a wonderful image, that is what calcio is about.

We didn’t understand what happened with Destro after the substition.

Neither did I. He’s a very important player for this team, I have trust in the guy. You should ask him about it.

Roma made a great mercato, you can’t miss an opportunity with the low-table teams. You will have to fight for the title until the last fixture.

Having a large squad is not enough, you need the right approach and I think we’ve shown it. We used the same mindset we used against CSKA, It doesn’t matter who is in the pitch, Yanga made a great debut. That’s what I expected.

How’s De Rossi? The injuries are just a contingency or there’s a pattern behind them?

I hope is something random, at least it gives space for others. I hope all the injured players will come back soon, we have a lot of matches to play. I don’t know about Daniele, we’ll wait for the examinations.

Four games four victories, the Champions League feat is forgotten?

It was important to have a good start, we were leading by 2 after just 13 minutes. Then we controlled the game, with this weather managing your energies is vital.

What about the injured?

Keita looks fine, same could be said for De Rossi but we’ll wait for the examinations.

The impression from the outside is that you look extremely confident.

That’s true, that’s the approach you should have with every match: get on the pitch and get the lead as soon as possibile. I’m happy for Florenzi and Destro, they deserve it. Mapou had a terrific game as well, that’s a good signal for the team and the fans.

Is there a priority between the Champions League and the Serie A?

As I said yesterday, Serie A is our priority. Our first objective is coming back in the Champions League through the main door.

Was the choice to leave Pjanic and Totti on the bench dictated by turnover reasons?

Partially. We have 7 games in few days, we know that we can’t always play with the same players. But we won every single match, that means everything is working according to plans.

Thoughts on Milan – Juventus?

It was important for us to get some point over one of the two. It was the confirmation that when you win the title for three years straight and you make a good transfer session, you are still the number one contender for the title. We’ve done everything we could to reduce the gap, let’s see how things will go this season.