Garcia’s pre-Cagliari press conference

Rudi Garcia held his pre-match press conference before the Giallorossi face Cagliari tomorrow afternoon:

After an almost perfect Wednesday, is the mental portion important?
“Yes, we have closed the book of the Champions League and now on Thursday morning we opened the book again for the league. Making a switch from one competition to another must be a characteristic of this team, we’ve already demonstrated this and must it show tomorrow.”

How do you handle the turnover?
“I don’t make on calculations on the following games, I know that fate thinks alone, predicting things about Cagliari before the Champions League did not make sense, we lost two players, I make sure that the players will be effective against a certain team, I always try to win the game without making calculations on the future.”

The match between AC Milan and Juve?
“I have not thought about this match, I focused on Roma and not on others. When two rivals meet, perhaps it’s better to draw. We must take advantage of this and take the three points.”

What do you think of Zeman’s football?
“I have always studied the opponent, I do this along with Bompard and Beccaccioli, they are both very good at showing the qualities and weaknesses of a team and we did it for Cagliari. They are especially strong in attack, but I am very focused on my team, getting information on the opponent is essential, but giving too much causes you to forget. Confidence in a team is essential, as well as the respect of the opponent, so we prepare for the games. We hit-on the area where we can do well and be solid.”

Mister Garcia, is the team approaching the match with a sense of revenge against Zeman?
“I do not know, I am focused on the present and not my past, I don’t know all the details about the past, I want my players to concentrate on the present-day Roma, tomorrow will not be an easy match, you have to know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents, not who the manager is, we will do everything to win, our goal is to show that after the Champions League we can put in place the same ingredients that were seen on Wednesday.”

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