Bogdan Lobont speaks with Roma Channel

Roma goalkeeper Bogdan Lobont spoke with Roma Channel today:

On Roma Napoli? 
“Not a very pleasant memory, I took Julio Sergio’s place and they scored three minutes after…luckily, we scored two fantastic goals and won 2-1”

Juan and Burdisso
“Two fantastic centre backs, when I’ve played with them I’ve always been comfortable. I’ve got their hackles up a few times.

The derby
“That ended 2-1 with a penalty saved by Julio Sergio. When I came in to celebrate, the commentator thought a fan entered on the pitch”

“There’s only one captain. He’s a champion inside and outside the pitch.”

De Rossi
“He’s another world champion. I’m lucky to play with someone who wrote the history of Roma and football in general like him and Totti”

“I have good memories of him, since our time at Ajax. At Roma, we always shared the room. Zeman made the two us run a lot, as a keeper I’ve never done such a pre-season training like that”

“A true professional. He always gave everything he had, even last season when his contract was about to expire. Young players like Florenzi and Pjanic should take him as an example”

“Me and my wife have been married for six years, anyone is going great, our daughter is almost 3 year-old now”

The mask
“I should have written “Gonzalo Rodriguez” on it. Using it during training is fine, but I can’t understand how player can play with that”

“He’s a great man. always close to the team. He loves Roma and since his takeover things have been going great. It’s true that we didn’t have good results from the start, but with thime things changed”

Guido Nanni
“Fantastic person, this is the fifth year we work together. He taught me a lot of things”

De Sanctis
“Super fly, another true champion. He brought a lot to the team, he’s always around Trigoria. He’s a perfectionist”

“He’s my roommate, a very good guy. He recently started to talk proper italian. He was very shy the first days in Brunico, but then he took some confidence. I hope he’ll become the best keeper in Europe”

“Good memories, but I was feeling like I was the character of a cartoon”

National team
“My journey with Romania is over, I’ve left my spot to the youngsters. I’ve 85 caps, that’s more than enough. They’re in good hands”

Chivu and Mutu
“Everyone knows about my friendship with Cristian, we’re more brothers than friends. Adrian got gradually worse and moved to Romania, Mutu had to quit because of injuries. Two real champions.”

Current season
“Fans know we are working to achieve great results and to make them happy. I hope we’ll succeed.