Baldissoni speaks at anti-racism campaign event

Speaking at the “UEFA: Respect Diversity” event, Roma general manager Mauro Baldissoni spoke out against racism and poked fun at Lazio president Claudio Lotito, who has been following the Italian national team during their international match this week.

“Lotito? He’s a bit lumbering. If he’s going around with the Azzurri every time, apparently he hasn’t got better things to do,” said the Roma general manager.

He continued, “Racism is an issue under any possible point of view. It’s a problem in all of the European countries, but this doesn’t mean we need to make a step back. Roma, has previously stated, will not change their policy to fight hostility against diversity in sports. In the sense you can follow the example given by sports, where merit makes you go forward and not the color of your skin., your religion or your sexual orientation. People in the stands should follow this example.”