Salih Ucan on his time in Roma thus far

Salih Uçan spoke to about his move to Roma earlier this summer.

What do you think of the Italian fans?
“The Italians are very friendly. Roma fans are very attached to the team, it’s no different from the Turkish fans. I was a bit surprised when I saw that, even though I still can’t understand Italian, they continued to talk to me anyway. They’re doing their very best to help me.”

What were your first impressions after the transfer? Which teammates are you close to?
“I’ve always wondered how it’d be to play abroad. I am one of the few players to have moved to Europe at a young age. I was emotional and thought about my first training session. I saw my teammates, I saw Totti. I was worried about meeting him, I did not know what he would do or say to me. I met them (my teammates) and they’re all very funny. I’ve gotten really close to Urby Emanuelson and Pjanic.”

Are you having problems learning the Italian language?
“In the first training session, I didn’t have an interpreter and didn’t understand anything. Fortunately, Urby came to me and translated everything into English.”

What have you learned from Totti?
“I want to watch him closely, he’s been in Rome for more than 20 years. I’ll be here for two years and at the end I want Roma to buy me for €11 million. I need to learn as fast as possible to play more. ”

Does it help that many young players are in Rome?
“Of course. There are many players like me, there are eight of us who are under 22 and five under 24 years old. We’re young and understand each other.”

Where are you at with your Italian?
“Now I’ve learned the smaller things, but I think I can learn quickly.”

Do you like Rome?
“Rome is like a country. Every place has a story. I’ve been to the Vatican and it was definitely very impressive. I have not had time to go to the Coliseum.”

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